Farmer of the Year

Feature Film

Farmer of the Year

Tue · May 28, 2019

6:00 pm

The Animas City Theatre - Movies

$11.00 General Admission $10.00 Students/Seniors/Military

Farmer of the Year
Farmer of the Year
Drama/Comedy ‧ 1h 43m

In a dusty small town lawyer's office, 83 year old Minnesota farmer, Hap Anderson, signs on the dotted line selling the farm he's worked for over 60 years. Adrift in his new life, he receives an invitation to his WW2 reunion in California and enlists his retired award-winning insurance salesman brother, now living the good life in Arizona, to join him. Reviving their 40 year old Winnebago, they plan a trip of a lifetime that hinges on swinging through Nebraska to pick up an 'old flame' who barely knew him and doesn't know he's coming.

As the journey progresses Hap begins to question his life's accomplishments and purpose.

With understated Midwestern humor, 'Farmer Of The Year' blends the comedy and drama of life into a deceptively simple story of aging, transition and resilience.

"It's the kind of movie you want to see more than once to get everything. The movie had a different feel than any other movie I've seen. I feel like I've taken a step back and can see funny quirky things we don't normally notice ourselves doing. I just bought a ticket to see it again!"
Bruce Meyer, Florence, Minnesota

"Of the 33 films I viewed at Sedona Int'/ Film Festival in 2/2018, I would rate Farmer of the Year films as one of my top three favorites. It represented the spirit of independent films. Cleverly written, humorous (with Midwestern flavor) layered generations and frugally produced. The Real Deal!. It was just a fraction of percentage from winning the S/FF Best Feature Film. Waiting for it to be distributed so I can share with others and see again."
Noreen Ireland, Sedona, Arizona

"/ absolutely fell in love with your film at the MSP Film Festival. From the enchanting graphics of the Yellow House Films at the beginning of the movie to the end. I've now subscribed to your blog. BTW, I love the name of the film - 'Farmer of the Year' is perfect!! Much better than Hap and Ashley! It was a charming film from start to finish. I believe you mentioned it would be showing in Bozeman in a month or so? I would love to know when - I live in Jackson Hole in the summer and would take a trip to Bozeman so my husband could enjoy the movie!"
My favorite movie of the entire Festival,
Katie Matthies, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"Fabulous funny, sad, heartwarming beautiful movie."
Julie Lund Zimmeth, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A little over a week ago-I watched your film at the SoHo Film Fest and wondered "am I really in the middle of Manhattan?" I'm still processing a lot of your work. It reminds me of two of my most memorable films: 'The Straight Story' and 'Ladybird'. Kathy, I admired your response to my question about capturing all three generations so well. You said "/ pay attention". I do, too. "
Joan Collison, Hanover, New Hampshire

"Everyone left the theatre wiping dried tears, smiling and talking enthusiastically I can't even begin to say how proud I was and am of you both. I'm at a loss for accolades that would do justice. It was truly a joy to watch and feel and oh so close to home w my BOyr old parents. Can't wait until your film is avail for general public viewing so we can send others to enjoy A true pleasure, ripe with life's gifts of all flavors.
Nice work team!" Be Wei/-
Bobbi Geise, Bozeman, Montana
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