Elder Grown, Liver Down The River, Pandasaywhat, Melody Lines, Jack Colonna Band, Ralphsta

Animas City Theatre, Prohibition Herb, & Tito's Presents

Elder Grown, Liver Down The River, Pandasaywhat, Melody Lines, Jack Colonna Band, Ralphsta

Thu · April 26, 2018

Doors: 7:45 pm / Show: 8:30 pm (event ends at 1:30 am)

The Animas City Theatre - Music

$15.00 - $65.00

Tickets at the Door

This event is 18 and over

CeleFunktionGraduation Weekend Block Party
Animas City Theatre, Balcony, & Backstage
Tickets on sale at Animas City Theatre,Southwest Sound, & www.animascitytheatre.com

Animas City Theatre(18+)
Elder Grown ,Liver Down the River,Jack Cloonan Band

Backstage (21+)
Pandasaywhat, Melody Lines, Ralphsta


4/26 Night One: Single Night (GA $$15)(Single Night 21+ VIP $30)

4 Night GA ($50)



Prohibition Herb

1185 Camino Del Rio Durango, Co (970)385-8622

http://www.prohibitionherb.com https://www.facebook.com/ProhibitionHerbMed


Homeslice Pizza 441 E College Dr. & 2915 (970) 259-5551    http://www.facebook.com/HomeSlicePizzaDurango

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Elder Grown
Elder Grown

Funk meets Rock, Pop meets Hip Hop. Elder Grown combines the freedom of improvisational Jams with their Captivating, Original songs. From the First Song to the Fourth Hour, Elder Grown encourages you to break down your idea of genre and tempo with your hips and heartbeat. A personal Pandora station, Elder Grown rollercoasters listeners through seamless, rule-breaking sound.

Switching instruments mid-song, you never know who is going to sing or play what next. Join Elder Grown and journey into the unrecognizable familiar.


Josh "Brew" Hoffman- Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Bass // John "Cheeks" Hoffman- Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Paul "Pabs" Hoffman- Drums, Vocals // Sam Kelly- Saxophone, Vocals

Brandon "Branch" Clark- Keys, Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Liver Down the River
Liver Down the River
From the high mountain river-valley of Durango Colorado comes a six piece psych-a-funk-a-grass-a-delic band of musicians called Liver Down The River. The group has their roots in countless river floats, campfires, late night picking, and Colorado living. Since it’s creation in 2012, the band has strived to have nothing but a good time. Their unique sound and high energy performances have lead them to share the stage with the likes of Head for the Hills, Tony Furtado, and Billy Nershi to name a few.

The band got it’s start in 2012 when Patrick Storen and Emily Winter met and started playing music together. A few common fiddle tunes and Grateful Dead numbers later, the two were ready to perform. Searching for the missing link, they enlisted the help of funk master and bass player Derek Abt. In time, young ”river ridin’ flat-pickin” Dylan Ruckel joined on guitar. With the addition of drummer Carter Colia and banjo/keys man Tyler Rice, Liver Down the River was formed.

The music is a blend of original compositions and improvisational journeys that paint a picture for the listener. Each member brings their own inspirations and elements to the sound. From the high peaks of bluegrass, deepest pockets of the funk, and outer reaches of space, a unique genre of music is created. Inspiration comes from the band’s collective adventures, lessons of growing older, the following of the soul, and the ability to keep on moving on.

The band released their five track Liver Down The River EP on June 30th 2015. Less than a year later on April 8th 2016, the band released their first full length album, Life You Love, and the release was celebrated with a SOLD OUT show at the Animas City Theatre in their hometown of Durango, CO . On these tracks, Liver Down the River strives to capture the immense energy felt during the live shows, and to showcase each musician’s skills. Attempting to reflect the beautiful, yet powerful, and expansive essence of the Colorado country, the inspiration comes truly… from living the life you love.

Similar Sounding Artists: Railroad Earth, Greensky Bluegrass, Yonder Mountain String Band, Elephant Revival, Leftover Salmon, Hot Rize, & The Infamous Stringduste
Pandasaywhat is the solo project of a deranged man-child turnt Panda Bear. Bearly making it out of the Colorado inferno known as Durango, Pandasaywhat now has a new vision to avoid extinction. While producing eccentric funky melodies and blowing bamboo smoke on honey bears, Pandasaywhat takes listeners on a musical journey full of groovy slap and wobble bass lines and hip hop rhythms. Pandasaywhat may not only know the way of the female tail, this Panda Bear knows a thing or two when it comes to the trumpet as well. With the musical style and the mustache to match… Pandasaywhat?!
Melody Lines
MELODY LINES: Melody Lines is an innovative Electronic group, creating music that draws inspiration from all genres of music. This band loves to jam and incorporates numerous live elements such as guitar, drums, and featured instrumentalists. Every show turns into a party with these two, but their music goes far beyond just that. Melody Lines embraces the power behind music, allowing sensations from music that evoke emotions. Funky bass lines, synthesizers, and symphonic elements are combined to make a massive soundscape for all listeners, anybody can find a tune that they can identify with.
Jack Cloonan Band
Jack Cloonan Band
Jack Cloonan grew up on the South side of Chicago where he learned the accordion and fiddle in second grade from his father and grandpa. By the time he was grown, he had a plethora of instruments in his repertoire including guitar, mandolin, piano, banjo, drums and bass. Upon moving to Colorado, Jack raised the bar and surrounded himself with some of the top players in the state. Jack created the Jack Cloonan Band so he could play with talented musicians from all over. His music has led him to travel internationally with the Bluegrass Journeyman and to bring the PARTY to some hometown throwdowns. Jack brought his background of Irish music and old episodes of Soul Train to create the fiddle and funk discograss sound that is Jack Cloonan Band.
There arent too many Djs anymore with genuine dedication to the scene and the crowds that come for the music. Ralphsta is one of them. From open to headliner this guy does it all! Matthew Ralph got into the scene from being inpired by electronic greats, Daft Punk, Sasha, even Aphex Twin and Meat Beat Manifesto. These and many more helped pave the way to create the many tastes and seemless integration to perform sets with multiple genres while keeping the crown energized refreshed and understanding of the communication that lies withim the inner workings of music. Often called upon to play sets to get the crowd ready and into the night keeping the dance vibe is why Ralphsta is considered the glue of the show holding the vibe down and tying the other djs sets at the event together as one whole show. Music is a universal language and Ralphsta communicates that through his sets for the crowd.
Dj / Producer of 17 years and still ticking . Played three sold out shows in that time- 1 having headlined at in Durango (durango arts center) 300 capacity.
opened stage for headline acts: Jon Bishop, Justin Martin (dirty bird rec), Jansen
Produces own tracks, Djs to the crowd. very strong opener and will play any genre desired by venue , crowd, or contract for opening.
played several sets at festivals from crowd from 100 people anywhere to 5000 people.
festival travels and plays include: Burning Man 25th anniversary- Mtn. Mayhem Camp , Revival Festival2014 in Taos, Nm; Moon Festival'04 in Sacramento, Ca; Statehood Summer Soundz Festival 1-4 '07 '09 '13 '14; Ethereal Festival'16 Norwood, Colorado
Specializes in getting the crowd into the night- keeping the vibe going - as well as keeping the crowd into whats going on musically-
Genres: Electronic, , Trap, House (alltypes) Hip-Hop, Moombahton, Pop (top 40), Club, 70's 80's 90's, Future, Dirty Electronic Dance, and basically any electronica and most any othe
Venue Information:
The Animas City Theatre - Music
128 E College Drive
Durango, CO, 81301